Black and Red Phantom Toy Poodle
Black and White Toy Phantom Poodle

3 month female Miniature Poodles
Apricot/White Parti

Sable Miniature Poodle male

Six week Miniature Poodles Sable Phantom

Flower @ 1 year

Cappucino @ 1 year

Tiny Toy Poodles
Apricot Poodle

Eight week Tiny Toy Poodles
In Solid Colors of Creme & Black

Apricot Female at 8 wks

Toy Phantom Poodles as babies

Poodle Puppies  At 8 weeks

Black and White Parti Tiny Toy Poodle female
Silver Tiny Toy Poodle

Tiny Toy Black/White Parti Poodle

Tiny Toy Poodles Silver Female

Brown Toy Poodle male puppy
Red Tiny Toy Poodles
White Tiny Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle Chocolate Male 8 wks

One week old Red Poodle litter

Tiny Toy Poodles White Female 8 wks.

AKC Registered Puppies

Call to: 972-962-2238

The current AKC Poodle Colors chart is provided at the bottom of this page

Poodle Colors

There were no Solid color Poodles when the breed was originally formed in Europe and this diversity of color still exists in our Poodle of today. Over the years, most show breeders "culled" these original colors, as they wanted the Poodle to only be in Solid colors. This has not removed the "original" colors from the Poodle gene pool, but has only reduced it's diversity. The original colors of Black/Tan Phantom and Black/White Harlekin Parti's are still being shown in Europe today in Confirmation Competition.
We have been breeding Poodle puppies in Texas for many years and over the years, these "original" Poodle colors have been born to our Solid color stock. We began breeding Poodles in all colors in Tiny Toy, Toy and Miniature Poodle sizes for many years and have found them to be much more free of disease and genetic problems than most Solid color line bred Poodles being bred today. We have also been able to reproduce these colors in whole litters, proving their color dominance is not a "One Time Accident".
The colors that we are producing are; Parti (Harlekin), Phantom, Brindle, Sable and all Solid color Poodle. I am providing you with examples of these colors from my own kennel on this page.
  These pictures are not intended for general use, but only to show the true diversity of the Poodle that began many, many years ago and are still being produced today.                      Paula Collins, Owner

Black and White Parti Miniature Poodle male at 3 months of age

3 month Harlekin (Parti Poodle) Mini Male

2 year Brindle Poodle male

Black and Tan adult Poodle male
Black and Tan Phantom Poodle male puppy

Two Black/Tan Phantom Poodle - one on left as Adult and one on right as a Toy Poodles Puppy

Harlekin Miniature Poodle male

Black/White Harlekin Miniature Poodle  Male
at 2 years of age

Dark Brown and Red Phantom Poodle

Brown/Red Phantom Toy Poodle Male

Red Toy Poodle female

Red Toy Poodle female at 2 years

Brown Miniature Poodle male puppy

Brown Miniature Poodle Male at 8 wks

Tri-Color Miniature Poodle male
Black and White Parti Poodle puppies

Tri-Color Male Mini next to his litter of Miniature Poodles in Parti (Harlekin) color

Red Female Poodle and Brown Brindle Male Poodle

Brindle Male & Red Female TinyToy Poodles in same litter

Brown and Apricot Phantom Tiny Toy Poodle male

8 week Toy Poodle
Brown/Creme Phantom Poodle 

Apricot and White Parti Miniature Poodle female
Brown and Black Brindle Miniature Poodle male

Red Sable Mini male at 8 weeks with my Granddaughter, Landyn

Grandaughter Landyn with Sable Miniature Poodle puppy

American Kennel Club
Color & Markings Chart for Poodles

Description Type Code
Apricot S 002
Black S 007
Blue S 037
Brown S 061
Cafe Au Lait S 069
Cream S 076
Gray S 100
Red S 140
Silver S 176
Silver Beige S 183
White S 199
Black & Apricot A 246
Black & Brown A 009
Black & Cream A 010
Black & Gray A 012
Black & Red A 014
Black & Silver A 016
Black & White A 019
Blue & White A 045
Brown & Apricot A 247
Brown & White A 063
Cream & White A 077
Gray & White A 105
Red & Apricot A 157
Red & White A 146
White & Apricot A 200
White & Silver A 216
Description Type Code
Black Markings A 002
Black Mask A 004
Black Points A 019
White Markings A 014
White Mask A 015

Tango's Haus almost always has poodles for sale, but since we do not breed our females on every heat sometimes we do not have the poodles for sale in the size or color that you are wanting.  We can however, give you a very good idea of when we will have the poodle puppies in the color and size that you want.  You can put up a deposit for a future puppy, which is refundable if we do not produce the color and size of puppy you are requesting.   You can also visit our links page and possibly find the poodles for sale there that you are searching for.

Trisha with Black and White Parti Miniature Poodle

Black/White Parti male Mini at 8 weeks with my Daughter, Trisha, Landyn's Mother

Apricot Sable Tiny Toy Poodle female

Apricot Sable TinyToy Poodle Female

S - Standard Colors            A - Alternate Colors